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Created 3-Nov-20
50 photos

Egret moonDouble-crested cormorantEastern bluebird (male)Great egretBlack-crowned night Heron (juvenile)Common mynaA very fluffy great egretFemale mallard on final approachGreat blue heron on a cold winter dayGreat egret taking flightAmerican wigeonRed-crested cardinalHooded merganser (female)Hooded merganser (male)Snowy egretLesser goldfinch (female)Long-tailed duckRed-bellied woodpeckerForster's ternDouble-crested cormorant

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Guestbook for Birds - 2020
James DeLoughry(non-registered)
Hi Paul. What a spectacular group of pictures. Th quality and detail just keeps getting better. Love looking at them.
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